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The professional reach

Office Building Advertising Network

is becoming more popular globally because of its ability to offer brands the opportunity to connect with the hard-to-reach audience in busy central business districts.

With increasing awareness of tenants’ well-being and to elevate their working environment, building owners are upgrading the conduciveness of main lobbies, wait areas and lift lobbies. Part of these upgrading includes some form of visual digital content with relevant news and advertisements.

PMEBs (Professionals, Managers, Executives, Businessmen) segment is projected to grow to more than 8 million nationwide by end of 2021. Most of these PMEBs will be attached with medium to large SMEs / listed companies, MNCs, GLCs based in and around Central Business Districts (CBDs). The Klang Valley is the nation’s heartbeat, is home to
most vibrant and busiest CBDs.

Klang Valley – the Pulse of Malaysia


The Power Of Vertical Media

Innovative Media Reach

Capture your audience effectively with the latest and most dynamic innovation in the market

Exclusive Content

Stand out from the crowd with one brand exclusivity to create impactful unique impression to brand

Selected Buildings

Buildings with local and international companies

Untapped Targeted Engaging

The urban consumers, white collar, high income audience


All buildings located in Central Business Districts as targeted advertising

Captive Audience 1.2 Million Per Month

Oasis of hard-to-reach working professionals


Majority PMEBs are based in klang valley and is expected to reach 8 million nationwide. 

Attention Grabbing

Engage and Excite with ContextuaL, Real-time massaging that ensures memorable brand impressions

High Reach Frequency

PMEBs spend minimum of 50 hours a week in office and uses the elevator mininum 3 times

Consistent Exposure

Captivate with eye catching displays that inspire sophistication

Potential Fast ROI

Top of mind ad recall. PMEBs are into e-commerce

Go There

The only outdoor media that takes your message to your audience


Today’s urban audience spends more time than ever away from home, in a space where Building advertising has become an influential part of daily life. This space is where we come in, bridging your brand with your audience.

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What we Do

VGI Vertical Digital Office Building Advertising Network

VGI Vertical now offers digital advertising network in selected office buildings that houses medium to large local and international companies. Brands now have an opportunity to reach more than 1.2million PMEBs (accumulatively) throughout Kuala Lumpur, Petaling Jaya and Shah Alam – the main economic hubs of Malaysia