About VGiM

A unique market leader providing fully integrated O2O solutions to clients.
O2O Solutions is advertising through integration of Out-of-Home (OOH) media

VGi at a Glance

VGI is the leader in designing pioneering solutions to meet the demands of advertisers and brands and create unique experiences for consumers through its complete ecosystem, spanning across Advertising, Payment, Logistics & Distribution businesses. VGI also strives to build a sustainable business for all stakeholders, including society and the environment.


The Pioneering Solutions for Tomorrow


  1. Design the pioneering experience for consumers.
  2. Create the pioneering platform for brands and client.
  3. Build the pioneering and sustainable business for stakeholders, social and environment.




Value, growth and innovation are the core elements forming the foundation of our business. Together, they define our strategic direction and structural plan, which constitute the driving force behind our Company’s vision to be the “Pioneering Solutions for Tomorrow”.