Reason to invest in VGI:
A unique position to grow revenue
Diversified world-class assets
Leading and exclusive market positions
Largest and most profitable media company



  • Stephane Taib
    Chief Executive Officer
  • Suffian Abu Bakar
    Head Of Talent Management
  • Ong Peng Woon
    Chief Financial Officer
  • Faisal Shukor
    Head of Strategy, Planning, Intelligence & Networking
  • Azharuddin Ali
    Head of Government Relations & Business Development
  • Puteri Aizza
    Head of Inventory Management
  • Rita Goh
    Growth Manager
  • Annie Tan
    Business Development Assistant Manager
  • Crystal Lung
    Site Negotiator
  • Loke Chui Teng
    General Manager
  • Caesar Jasmy
    Get Keep Grow Director
  • Hanif Hasan
    Head of Production & Operations
  • Zahira Rahman
    Principals Relations Manager
  • William Lee Wai Loon
    Digital Evangelist
  • Jonathan Goldsmid
    Chief Operating Officer
  • Cerina Tan
    Sales Director
  • Paramjit Kaur
    Operations Director
  • Chandran Ravi
    Marketing Director
  • Sharif Helmi
    Business Development & Corporate Planning Director
  • Aaron Lim
    Head of Strategic Planning
  • Lam Weng Sam
    Managing Director
  • Ignacio Perez
    Chief Digital Officer
  • Hazril Abdul Aziz
    Senior Project Manager
  • Satish Bapoo
    Digital System Engineer



VGI promotes employees to embrace a work-life balance and to engage in an array of activities in pursuit of developing mental health, as well as contributing to the society and delivering happiness back to the community.